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Athena Quick 2.0 Tobacco Heating Device Heatsticks for IQOS real cigarette

same function as IQOS tobacco heating device cigrette smoking

Quick 2.0 Heating Stick tobacco heating USB Charge 650mah Battery for real tobacco IQOS


1. Working with Tobacco cartridge.

2. More healthy, good flavor like real cigarette, but no cigarette tar or second-hand smoke.

3. Battery capacity: 650 mah, can support 10 pcs cartridges per one full charged.

4. With USB charging port, convenient to charge.

5. With nice temperature control chip to keep the tobacco best taste.

6. Double side of heating sheet, make heating temperature uniformity, create better flavour.

7. Less temperature diffence, we can control the temperature difference within ±10℃

8. Less cost to replace the heating sheet, don't need to replace the whole of tank at the
same time if heating sheet broken.

Quick 2.0.pngIMG_9440.JPGIMG_9947.JPGIMG_9961.JPG

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