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E-Juice Test Stand 50 Slot

E-juice test station for vape shops and exhibition.

This ejuice stand is very convenient for vape shops and exhibition. 
The batteries can charge directly in the stand charger.Ejuice bottles and
the tanks put together with the batteries,easy,tidy,convenient and
looks luxurious. 

Appearance Specifications 

1:Length:750mm Width: 500mm Height: 280.3mm

2:device weight: 18KG

3:Acrylic shelf+ zinc alloy charging stand

4:Stainless steel battery tube(exclude atomizer)

IMG_0026_副本.jpgIMG_0054_副本.jpgIMG_9954_副本.jpgIMG_0013_副本.jpgIMG_7406_副本.jpgIMG_0011 副本.jpg

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